The use of Technology

in Small Business

Yoco Small Business Pulse - Issue 2

Loadshedding and the State of

Small Business

Yoco Small Business Pulse - Issue 3

The Small Business environment

in Winter

Yoco Small Business Pulse - Issue 4

The success of our economy lies in small business. Already, they constitute a disproportionate number of formalised businesses, contribute around one-third of GDP and provide employment to millions of South Africans. Despite their importance, there is little information available on a regular basis about the state of small business in South Africa.

The Yoco Small Business Pulse hopes to provide an insightful overview of the state of small business in South Africa on a quarterly basis. Our aim is to help small business owners across the country grow their businesses through access to useful information.

The Pulse was made possible by the awesome businesses in the Yoco small business community. Thanks to them, we’re able to share their insights with other small businesses across South Africa - the ones that have been under-represented in these kinds of surveys. Until now.

Getting a feel for South Africa's small business climate.


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